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HALF LOG CLADDING/SIDING; Is available in the following sizes:

- Thickness: 22mm / 32mm
- Widths: 100mm and 120mm
- Lengths: up to 4,8m

- Thickness: 50mm and 62mm
- Widths: 100mm and 120mm
- Lengths: 1,8m / 2,1m and 2,4m

The 22, 32, 50 and 62mm denote the thickness of the cladding/siding at the center of the half radius.
The 100mm and 120mm denote the cover width of the cladding/siding.

The cladding/siding has a tongue and groove along the length and both ends are end- matched.

The 22 and 32mm cladding/siding is available in lengths up to 4,8m whereas the  50 and 62mm cladding/siding is available in only three lengths 1,8m, 2,1m and 2,4m.

The cladding/siding is available in three treatment options:

  • CCA
  • TBTN

Cladding/Siding that is to be exported is untreated but has been prepared with an anti blue stain.

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